Is NestReady part of Meridian?
NestReady is an independent provider of home buying tech solutions. We provide Meridian with a user-friendly real estate platform-- so that clients like you can benefit from great technology and additional services, free of charge!
Is NestReady free to use?

Yes, NestReady is 100% free for homebuyers! In fact, we give you cashback once your homebuying journey is complete as a housewarming gift.

Do I need to create an account to use NestReady?

No, NestReady is account-free! We make the home search experience smooth for you. For added convenience, we do highly encourage you to save your Dashboard progress and preferences by sending it to your email.

Are you a brokerage?

We operate legally as a brokerage, but we are first and foremost a technology company specializing in Real Estate.

Do you have any accreditation?

Yes, we are members of:

Canadian Real Estate Association (Canada)

Real Estate Council of Alberta (Alberta)

Real Estate Council of British Columbia (British Columbia)

Real Estate Council of Ontario (Ontario)

Toronto Real Estate Board (Ontario)

Ontario Real Estate Association (Ontario)

Greater Montreal Real Estate Board (Quebec)

Organisme d’autoréglementation du courtage immobilier du Québec (Quebec)

Is my bank/mortgage information safe?

When you open the NestReady dashboard, you’re taken to a separate tab and no personally identifiable information is collected or passed from your bank.

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